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Sept 15, 1999
Election Results
Save Your PFD
Sept 14, 1999
Who is paying
for YES vote
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  • Register to Vote

    If you are not registered to vote already you may obtain the forms for Voter's registration right here or from the Division of elections web site.

    This form must be either returned by in person or mail to the Alaska Division of Elections. Electronic registration is not available.

    Although it is now too late to register to vote for the special election. Please register to vote if you are eligible.

    Supporters of Vote


    Elected officials
    • Gov. Jay Hammond
    • Sen. Dave Donely
    • Sen. Lyda Green
    • Sen. Rick Halford
    • Sen. Robin Taylor
    • Sen. Jerry Ward
    • Rep Mary Sattler Kapsner
    • Rep Vic Kohring
    • Rep. Bev Masek
    • Rep Scott Ogan
    • Rep Jerry Sanders
    • Doyle Holmes, Assby.
    • Mayor Sarah Palin
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