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Sept 15, 1999
Election Results
Save Your PFD
Sept 14, 1999
Who is paying
for YES vote
Table Of Contents
There are at least 714 reasons we have to vote NO on Sept 14th.

Please share some of your reasons.

All reasons will be posted as soon as they arrive

  1. The Children
  2. The PFD is something that helps alot of people. I am 11 years old and my dividend is the only thing that keeps my farm together. I only have 1 horse and 2 chickens.
    Crystal G. Nikiski

    Webmaster's comments: Crystal came to me at the state fair booth and had the most sincere look in her eyes pleading with us to help her keep her horse and chickens. Please vote NO
  3. We know how to spend money better than the government.
  4. They have too much money already.
  5. Bloated government.
  6. It is OUR money not THEIRS!
  7. The PFD has a dramatic impact on the Alaskan economy.
  8. travel $
  9. Xmas Gifts.
  10. We are unable to own mineral and oil rights on the little land we own.
  11. The PFD has helped make Alaska one of 2 states whose middle class grew proportionately in the past 20 years. David
  12. The people who are our public servents (state Pol's and state workers at the public trough) get too much of OUR OIL MONEY ALREADY!!! Brad
  13. A "Yes" vote would only encourage them!!!
    Lazy Mountain Jim
  14. I feel that there is enough gouging in our dividend checks with out our permition where does that money go does anybody know.If a yes vote goes through the governor and his henchmen will chisll away at our pfd's and no body will git one ever agan I as a registered voter i think it is time to put big business in thier place and tell them we are not going take it any more.
    John Lasko
  15. I dont believe that the state government should tap into the pfd fund.I am a single parent of two children, I live and work in the community and live in the Mat-Su valley and when october comes around I have the chance to buy my children the things that I cant during the year by capping the fund would be financially a hardship...there are alot of people in the valley each october who depend on the check to pay for a year supply of fuel, groceries and to pay for the neccessities of live in order to live, I will be voting NO on the special election and hope that everyone does as well.
  16. It would sure be nice if the people backing the permanent fund vote "yes" campaign would invest their money in something that is worthwhile to our communities say youth programs, public awareness or the deficit instead of throwing away all that money. But I guess that's government for you
  17. If you let the goverment tap into the PFD, then you are telling them that they can use your money to fall back on anytime they need it. And God know's they need our money all the time. make the goverment do their job and give us some alternatives, instead of tellng us "this is the only option"
    Joe Dodson
  18. We encourage you to read the letters to the editor written by Alaskans throughout the state.
  19. Governor Jay Hamond's article in the Anchorage Daily News
  20. Knowles Plan will eliminate the PFD.
  21. Jay Hamond's Response, From official Election pamphlet.
  22. Tuckerman Babcocks response to divedend yes.
  23. The Permanent Fund Corporations official response to the ballot proposal.
  24. A Logical Budget Solution
  25. Throw the rascals out
  26. Sales Tax worth trying
  27. Dividend can aid learning
  28. Dividend cuts unfair
  29. Public needs more information
  30. Vote against the queen
  31. Taxes can bring 'balance'
  32. Public needs more input, Frontiersman
  33. Alaskans need to excersize Rights, Frontiersman
  35. Side with most Votes win
  36. Why cant the state budget?
  37. Vote should offer alternatives
  38. Pity the poor rich people
  39. Other states work within their funding
  40. Legislators must hear "NO"
  41. State Should be Responsible
  42. Military Shouldnt get PFD
  43. Time to clean House, senate, mansions
  44. Dont let them cut the PFD
  45. A simple solution from an 11 year old
  46. Legislators want too much
  47. Voter guide insulted Governor Hammond
  48. PFD Vote Muddles Question
  49. Leave Dividend Alone
  50. Feed The PFD
  51. Politicians Will Get Thier Way
  52. Income tax the Fairest Way
  53. "YES" is a Vote for INCOMPETENCE
  54. PFD Unique to Alaska
  55. Dont Buy This Stupid Ploy
  56. Your Vote is Your Voice
  57. Tax more fair than tapping PFD
  58. Dont Give the Politicians a Blank Check
  59. Bring bacl Pioneering Spirit
  60. Vote to Empty Deep Pockets
  61. Porter Failing his Constituents
  62. Vote to Protect PFD
  63. Cut Bloated Government
  64. Lawmakers Torture Reason
  65. How long will PFD Last?
  66. Curb the greed, Keep the PFD
  67. Leave our rainy-day fund alone.
  68. Governement Hides Taxes well.
  69. Weigh facts before voting
  70. Trust heart of issue
  71. Make Oil Pay
  72. Give Alaskans the Fund
  73. Non-Essential Spending persists
  74. Use campaign Money for the deficit
  75. Even Doogan has it Right
  76. Tax Would be more equitable
  77. Budget can be reduced.
  79. Dont Fall for the "Yes" Baloney
  80. If Taxing, make it open
  81. Big Money talking
  82. NO Need to tap into dividend
  83. Protect Your Money Vote NO
  84. Good Thing we get to vote
  85. Taxpayers alone should not bear the burden.
  86. Too bad children can't vote
  87. Whiskey wisdom
  88. It's not an easy decision
  89. Buying BP stock a good idea
  90. Many budget choices exist
  91. Alaska isn't in financial bind
  92. Let's Have some Answers First
  93. Protect dividend from state
  94. Overspending is the problem
  95. Sales tax would be fairest
  96. Reward budget savers
  97. What about budget reserve?
  98. Keep to budget or be flogged
  99. Sleazy ads
  100. Give us a real choice
  101. Fund 'tax' is unfair
  102. Pols must learn to say no
  103. It's all an expensive farce
  104. Let's hear from lawmakers
  105. Hmmm, still deciding ...
  106. Ballot promise out of line
  107. Don't change a good plan
  108. Military contributes to Alaska
  109. What about oil prices?
  110. Here's how to fund government
  111. Are we stupid? Vote will tell
  112. Let's see who donates check
  113. Keep your hands off the fund
  114. Hang up on push pollers
  115. Don't be a sheep; vote no
  116. Don't drill in my wallet
  117. Why did we elect 'nitwits?'
  118. Lottery is a better gamble
  119. Count your fingers first
  120. A definition of permanent
  121. Beware the phony poll
  122. Don't give politicians your soul
  123. Cut state spending first
  124. PFD cap is a hidden tax
  125. Plan separate funds
  126. Reject a blank check
  127. Raise corporate tax on oil
  128. Why pay for special sessions?
  129. Financial woes solvable
  130. Vote is just a sucker punch
  131. Why not a state lottery?
  132. Get rid of inept politicos
  133. Keep government fingers out
  134. Yes backs government greed
  135. PFD vote clouds issues
  136. Elderly need the fund
  137. Income tax would hurt more
  138. Media make it all clearer
  139. Some kids cheated of dividend
  140. Income tax fair way to pay
  141. Sounds like extortion
  142. Doogan's right; what's wrong?
  143. Budget solution: Turn to God
  144. Fair-goers agree with AIP
  145. Remember how legislators vote
  146. Do you feel the cuts yet?
  147. Simple arithmetic
  148. Yes advocate confused
  149. Dividend helps local economy
  150. Government costs too much
  151. Income tax is best way
  152. Let's see the entire budget
  153. Sales tax is not regressive
  154. Yes campaign misleading
  155. State should improve service
  156. Fat cats protecting wallets
  157. Legislature needs better plan
  158. Oil prices negate fund tap
  159. Let me spend my PFD first
  160. 'No' vote sends right message
  161. Letters page 1
  162. Letters page 2
  163. Letters page 3
  164. Letters page 4
  165. Letters page 5
  166. Letters page 6
  167. Send yours here
Supporters of Vote


Elected officials
  • Gov. Jay Hammond
  • Sen. Dave Donely
  • Sen. Lyda Green
  • Sen. Rick Halford
  • Sen. Robin Taylor
  • Sen. Jerry Ward
  • Rep Mary Sattler Kapsner
  • Rep Vic Kohring
  • Rep. Bev Masek
  • Rep Scott Ogan
  • Rep Jerry Sanders
  • Doyle Holmes, Assby.
  • Mayor Sarah Palin
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