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Sept 15, 1999
Election Results
Save Your PFD
Sept 14, 1999
Who is paying
for YES vote
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Save the Dividend

Vote "No" on September 14th.

Kick off Meeting

Place: Windbreak Cafe

Time: Thursday, July 22nd. at 7:00 p.m.

Who's Invited: Everyone Interested in Protecting their Permanent Fund Dividend

If you're interested in volunteering or just interested come and join us for this important planning meeting.

For more information contact:

Save the Dividend,
Mat-Su. Ex. Director, Shelton H. Green.
1830 B. Parks Hwy. PMB 332. Wasilla, AK 99654.
(907) 229-0364 (Anchorage Number)

This was a good showing, be looking for more info here when we will meet again

Alaska State Fair - Palmer, Fairbanks

Be Looking for us there!

We will be supported in many booths and have a shared booth

Our Shared Booth is P22 by the blue gate, closest to palmer on the Glenn


We meet at Elmers on Fireweed Lane, Next meeting 6:00PM wednesday July 28.

For more information call Eddie Burke @ 229-2287.

Kenai Pennisula

On the Kenai Peninsula the "Save Your Dividend" group has been very active. We have been printing up many yellow flyers and small business people have them posted at their businesses. Also many people are putting them in the back window of their car or truck.

We have been trying to get people to contribute 1% of their up coming dividend($17.40) as a campaign contribution. We have this on a flyer that we hand out.

We had a booth at Nikiski days where we registered 40 new voters.

We had a float in Kenai's 4th of July parade. We had a large 4 X 8 sign in the back of a pickup with volunteers handing out the yellow brochures and our 1% flyers.

We also had a booth at the green strip which was well received from everyone we talked to.

We also had a booth at the 4th of July in Seward and the yellow flyers were handed out.

We will have a float and booth at the upcoming Soldotna Progress Days.

We will have a booth at the Ninilchik fair, Industry Appreciation Day, and the Labor day picnic.

Sunday AUGUST 15, 6 p.m.
Watch Andrew and Rick H. debate the dividend raiders on Ch 13, Capitol Focus.
Monday, AUGUST 16
Alaska Public Offices Commission deadline. Media message: David v. Goliath, Why is Big Oil is funding Yes vote?
Tuesday AUGUST 24, 10 a.m.
APRN. Talk of Alaska, on FM 90.2 (KNBA) and FM 91.1 (KSKA). PFD issue. Call in, call in!
Tuesday AUGUST 24, 8 p.m.
Permanent Party at the Sleaziest place in town: The Fly By Night Club, RSVP 279-SPAM early and get the word out. Call your friends and get them to RSVP 279-SPAM, 279-SPAM. Pick up handouts/flyers at AK Action Ctr.
PLEASE ADD ANY NEW CALENDAR EVENTS ... radio talk shows, meetings, debates, presentations, etc.

Save Your Dividend Steering Committee
  • Bill Parrish(Chairman) wk # 776-5613
  • Ed Martin sr(executive director) hm # 283-4188
  • Virgil Norton(Secretary)
  • Lee Peterson(Treasure)
  • Harriet Moravec
  • Lola Martin
  • Dale Bagley
  • George Martin
  • Richard Musgrove
  • Dale Wunderlich
  • Mike Tauriainan

Supporters of Vote


Elected officials
  • Gov. Jay Hammond
  • Sen. Dave Donely
  • Sen. Lyda Green
  • Sen. Rick Halford
  • Sen. Robin Taylor
  • Sen. Jerry Ward
  • Rep Mary Sattler Kapsner
  • Rep Vic Kohring
  • Rep. Bev Masek
  • Rep Scott Ogan
  • Rep Jerry Sanders
  • Doyle Holmes, Assby.
  • Mayor Sarah Palin
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