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At the time of the February 28, 1993 assault on the Branch Davidian community in Waco, Texas, Linda Thompson was a practicing attorney living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Linda was one of the those who realized the catastrophic implication of events and swung into action.  She visited Waco during and after the siege, at first trying to assist the victims and then investigating and documenting the horror. 

In June, 1993 she produced a video called "Waco, the Big Lie." This was followed by "Waco, the Big Lie Continues," "FBI Swat Team Home Video," and "Forgive Us, We Didn't Know."

Linda Thompson's videos are no longer publicly available and are now historical artifacts.  A friend of the Museum has made some of the sequences in Mrs. Thompson's videos available to Museum visitors.

"Waco, the Big Lie," showed TV footage of a tank with flame shooting from the barrel backing out of the Mt. Carmel Center building during the morning of April 19.  The video was distributed widely and provided a focus for public outrage over the Waco Holocaust.  Here is a clip of that tank in action, with the flame clearly visible.  This is a repeating GIF format, looping through the sequence.

Please be patient, this is a large file -- it may take up to five minutes with a 56 K modem to download completely. 

Also available: 

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